Redis Documentation Fiesta 2

Thursday, 28 July 11
A few months ago I asked my twitter followers to tell me something that could be improved in the Redis Documentation, with the promise to fix the problem in the next couple of days. This was a good thing as I received good suggestions and spent some time just writing doc, that is a fundamental part of any software project.

So I'm trying it again. Tomorrow I"ll post a blog post about the improvements of Redis 2.4. A the same time Redis 2.4 tar.gz will appear on download section. I'll be spending the rest of the day and part of the weekend writing documentation.

So please if you have in mind something specific that needs some love in the Redis documentation leave a comment here. I'll try to fix it.

One of the things I'll surely write is a better "quick start" documentation for newcomers. I'll also fix all the command pages that with 2.4 are now able to accept a variable number of arguments.

Write to you tomorrow with a detailed post about changes in 2.4 and how to make use of this changes.
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