Comments for post Redis Manifesto

Antonio Gagliardi writes: A quotes for you: "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction." Albert Einstein Greatest work!
akram writes: Wonderful. This site is super fast. if it's done in redis. I am in
JK writes: case != poet { case (poem) == true { (redis.manifesto) = true; if == newbie { (redis) } } }
Ganesh writes: I love "simplicity"
Arun Srinivasan writes: This is a very sensible manifesto! And personally I believe Code is Poetry.
Diego Pacheco writes: Simply Beautiful
yes writes: @hans, I think what he is trying to say is that it has clarity and consistency of voice. Code is definitely for humans, otherwise code would be written in binary and be a complete utter fully functional mess, much like DNA. Strength through simplicity.
Bratish Goswami writes: Like the whole article but #4. Love #4 :)
Jon writes: I too also think #4 is a bit iffy. I think you mean there is a coding style guideline that the project follows. And all contributors that wish to have their code merged must follow the guideline. Just saying it is "poetry" is too vague and will only discourage people from contributing to the project. But maybe that is what you want?
Peter Mescalchin writes: Keep it up guys - as others have often said, the lack of complexity is why I love using Redis. And having used it many a time in production you know you can always depend on it to perform when called to task.
Hans writes: I somewhat disagree with point 4. It sounds childish to me. Code is not poetry. Well, at least that's not its primary function.
Fareesh Vijayarangam writes: Good going!
Szymon Jez writes: Bravo
Locke writes: Well said!
Aaron Boxer writes: Reading this makes me very happy. Viva La Rivoluzione Redis !!!
antirez writes: thank you everybody
James Sun writes: Amen...
IPv6 writes: nice to hear such wonderfull things :)
rch writes: well done
dan writes: I think you are doing everything right. Keep it simple. Keep it joyful.
Winfield Peterson writes: Beautiful stuff. Reminds me of why I prefer Redis over the wide field of key-value and more generic NoSQL stores for most things.
mkrecny writes: So say we all
smerickson writes: this is brilliant. every library and product should have something like this.
Baishampayan Ghose writes: Respect.