Comments for post Redis Presharding

nick writes: And we use simple for 4 nodes.
Ashley Martens writes: I didn't go big enough at the beginning and had to solve the problem.
Jeremy Zawodny writes: You inspired me to write "Redis Sharding at Craigslist"
Anil writes: Hi Salvatore, I like this simple approach, couple of questions: 1. When can one determine synchronization is done 2. All Clients will not see the new masters at the same time, some requests could still go to the old masters Is it possible to mitigate ?
Teleo writes: Hi Salvatore, Thanks for this useful article. But wouldn't it better if Redis community were to write these scripts for everyone's benefit? That would lower the barrier of adoption of Redis and make sure Redis is used in the best possible way. Just imagine many of your readers writing the same scripts again and again.